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"Crackpot Culture": Help Required

Dear friends,

In a failing attempt to keep up with everything that is going on around me, I am hoping that I might use this space, and your help, towards an article that I am writing for our English magazine, Noted. The working title is "Crackpot Culture": the article will offer a few thoughts about what constitutes a love for music, how music correlates with 'culture', and to what extent attitudes to music are dictated (or intimidated) by such determinant 'culture' (aided by the theory of Clifford Geertz).

I would be delighted, and very grateful, for comments on / replies to all or any of the following questions; anonymous responses would be welcome, and any general comments outside the parameters of the questions would be great too.

* Do you class yourself as a music lover? What constitutes a 'music lover' or a love for music?

* Do you believe music (taste) is an expression of, and / or defines, personality?

* What is your greatest dedicatory act to music (e.g. amount spent on one item / concert ticket; distance travelled to a concert; attending Glastonbury)?

* How important is music as a means of forming social relationships at home / school / work?

* How important is music as a measure of social standing / popularity?

* Have you experienced any pressure of any description to neglect your own tastes in favour of what is considered popular? (If yes, is this still ongoing, or when did it begin to change? If no, do you think such pressure exists?)

I'm hoping for as many responses as possible in a short time. If anyone is willing to link this from their own journal or elsewhere - to a number of friends not on my own list who you think may be interested in answering - I'll happily acknowledge your help if replies come through. A year ago today, I was hearing exciting things from exciting people. I'd very much like today (and the following) to be the same! Many thanks, and much love.

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