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A Silent Song


When a heart stumbles with intent,
Would yield to bend and send back healed
After a Fall in affluent
Stall so full of fruit from the field,
Away from all the blood found wine,
Indecision, follow the sign;
Direction now, the arrow's line.

Take a fervent need for sleep
To stop the pain of doing wrong,
Add an end to senses, keep
Torment deep in silent song;
Just whisper out with voice so fine
That makes the angel creatures pine
Dilemmas in the following line.

Managed it all as best I could,
Tried to find poetry's extremes,
Love you ten years before the flood.
Disparity in purity seems
An angel too far up that incline
On divine mountains of Alpine
I air of where I crossed the line.

If greatest joy is what was given
In sharing Love reflecting above
The lesson from quintessential Heaven,
Does that die when playing knight's move
And take the verse which calls you mine?
And bears sweet call of Valentine?
And tear along the dotted line?

Beyond I glow of candlelight,
A yearning, loving, flame of fear.
Testing strength in draughts of night
It stays alive or breaks the sphere.
Favour my heart and soul's align
To let the light of fortune shine,
And save me being next in line.



Tags: creative writing

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