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Cherry Blossom: Part 2

The Ecstasy of Pain

Year by year is passing by, and still
Shivering to keep a watchful eye
When October brings its frightening chill,
Leaves turn golden beautiful and die,
Perhaps the soul won't rest until
It finds the answer to its question why.

No arm was draped around my shoulder
Then. No voice to calm a crippled soul.
Just left to slowly freeze when colder
Winter air in fervour took its toll.
Year by year, both now stand much older;
Still memories rise and puncture what is whole.

Time has been a healer for the way
Which led life on so many light years past,
But now the epicentre’s gone astray
And leaves in place that now fiendish contrast:
Tort fears of life revolve around one day;
Despair at how long weaknesses must last.

So year by year, yet ever still grows the shame
Not leaving this spent episode behind
In sour dust, whence to lie without a name
No fraction of one mind again can find
To ask it once more where lies all the blame
And set the horror of trial to rewind.

Each passing year is reaching now for more
Hope if there’s forged some self-sufficient room:
With asset love I never had before
Coaxing a green and gentle mind to bloom
To bless the newest treasures, and restore
The light from bleak impenetrable gloom.

Every action gone is decision made.
This puts all men inside their present frame.
One content with the current second’s grade
Must spell content for all that’s been and came.
Thus Past has tried hard, but Since has well played
Hedonically the main act of my game.


Cherry Delight
Tags: anniversaries, creative writing

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