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NAGTY: Creative Writing (Ongoing)

Throughout the Bristol NAGTY Summer School, the Residential Assistants are responsible for creating, planning and carrying out the activities on four separate evenings. Spread evenly over the fortnight, three of these evenings are themed together and become workshops: Sport, Drama, Music, Film, 'Mind, Body & Spirit' and 'Arts and Crafts' / Photography, which will generally include a progression from one session to the next, or working towards a presentation, production or demonstration which may be shown to the group. The remaining night carries a similar format, but is only a single session, and sees a variety of activities which do not realistically form part of the wider workshops. These include Arabic, Creative Writing, the Debate, Fair Trade & Campaigning and a Big Quiz. Inevitably, the Creative Writing session was my idea, and it's me who plans and leads that session. Given that this will hopefully become a regular fixture for the Falstaff Society / English Dept. next academic year, this is a wonderful place to start. And, as I am learning, the planning required for a 2 hr session is not an easy task. Nevertheless, what a wonderful part of my job.

Mixed Activity Night

Name: Creative Writing

Leader: Keith

Assistants: Effie

Duration: 2 hrs

Number of participants: 10-20 (12)

  • Techniques on analysing different forms of written work.

  • Examining different styles of writing and how to be creative.

  • To produce 1+ pieces of written work for newspaper / own booklet / talent show.

  • Equipment / Materials:
  • Pens (Inc. highlighters & Paper)

  • Music (Non-essential)

  • Pre-prepared booklet / handouts ~ requiring printer credit and photocopying.

  • Use of library and internet for select works.

  • Location: Music Room

    Do you have a creative mind? If you enjoy reading or writing poetry, fiction, reviews, or even if you like art or music, Creative Writing could be for you. During the session, the group will analyse some different forms of written work and learn more about writing styles and techniques. We will look at how writing is connected to visual art through poetry, and music through lyrics, perhaps thinking about dreams, myths and the supernatural also. With (hopefully) inspiration from the session, everybody from the group will produce a piece of writing which can be included in the Summer-School newspaper and/or to be performed in the Talent Show.

    Sestina: NAGTY

    So here we reside, some far from home
    Just, in a minute out tonight, taking
    time to chill and think of innocuous purple
    the swarm wore on arrival, the piercing light
    the sun sent, when fell no rain stream,
    hoping I’m sharply harassed by inspiration.

    Not bought or forced, this inspiration.
    Packed in the case and bags from home?
    If so, will it abound in multiple stream
    And sit obedient for the taking?
    Concealed and clandestine that first night, “Light
    Out!” orders that new most-trusted in purple.

    But there’s every heart behind that purple,
    who’ll gently arouse that inspiration
    in sweet timing to the sun’s first light.
    Discover a pleasant change from home:
    A terrific selection up for the taking,
    And the coffee pot in a blissful stream.

    My - that’s me consuming one great stream
    So please do laugh at my face flushed purple.
    Merging and crossing of talent all taking
    Their seats to journey down to campus inspiration;
    Inject minds to the full, engage, absorb, home
    At the end, maybe blinded by the light.

    And then, to see the mentors in a different light,
    ever hard at work on their social stream,
    activities to run where they feel most at home
    and passions beyond their guidance of purple,
    ready to share in love and inspiration
    for ever more giving means ever more taking.

    With collective bringing, anybody taking
    Away positivity or something in a new light
    Is challenging and most rewarding inspiration.
    Afterwards, I will hide away for my own stream
    Of uninhabited tears, or blush true purple,
    To think we all think, 'I feel so at home'.

    Let tears fall richly purple, in such a stream
    With time taking charge and leading everyone home:
    Hold my inspiration with a never-ending light.

    Tags: creative writing

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