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KaM today begins a new chapter - and keeps a parallel online diary. I'm one who thinks too much, has too much to say, and, being a perfectionist (a curse), it always takes me so long to script by hand - even though I swear I'm not going to give that up. Many thanks to Rachel and Kieran for the chance to join in the creative and reflective fun.

My mind is a paradox - all I can do is apologize. If I scribe a load of cryptics here, I promise they all do mean something. It likely means that either I don't have the will to lay something down in full, or am so unsure about how far to take certain issues that I just have to toy with them, let them brush gently; rather than the assertive point-jabbing that exposes my train of thought.

Week's reflections to come soon - and maybe some thoughts to appear soon on the recent smaller RPG group sojourn to Blackpool. Am now going to keep on working with the Knightmare RPG report, since I've given myself a realistic deadline of next weekend. Hopefully, it should coincide with Director J.P's release of multimedia, and it would complement that quite nicely for anybody wanting to read it. God bless,


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