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Quivering Balance

The balance is just too tight; it just really isn't fair. The University got in touch this morning on behalf of the school I'm to be working for. Since my hoped visit to Cambridge fell through, it seemed something of a relief, since they've told me to go in for an induction tomorrow, and begin on Thursday - I would have had to trawl back all devestated. At least I know now I'm actually going to do the job and earn the cash.

Of course, while it's sometimes refreshing that all bad news has to be opposed with some good news, sadly, the opposite seems to hold fast too. I received my Windows CD from home today, but it will not repair the problem with my laptop. It will neither fix the problem nor reinstall without some critical fault causing it to shut down, and so now, it starts to look a little bleak. Without a miracle fix to this problem, it means I don't get to chat online for at least a month, likely longer, and when these computer rooms are closed off when term ends, that means I have 10 days left, and then I'm on my own until the middle of July. I have v. little of my favourite music, little multimedia - it's going to be a test.

The irony is, that while I've been absent online for a while, one might have thought I could cope with such a proposition - but no.. this has just shown me how much more vulnerable I might be. It just shows me something though: perhaps I'm overreacting, but I could be thrilled with nothing happening - I have to be glad I'm single, for if something that special were to happen, then Heaven knows what fate would happen in the opposing direction. Hobbling off to the Bar for some more training. Sometimes, I'll be doing what I can to numb out pain - I've practised it often enough.....

A strange night. I went for my Bar training, which was hindered by the manager for the night turning up 50 minutes late, to the annoyance of the General Manager, and I had the pleasure of listening to Marsha playing 'Close Cover' on the piano, and then spoke to Chris, rather worryingly, about computer troubles... a very similar sounding one to my own. The company he dealt with were MultiVision, and his computer was nearing the end of the warranty when the troubles started, and coincidentally had just expired from warranty when they showed willing to fix it, and it was his ingenuitive writing to a computer magazine that prompted a satisfactory response from the company. Beyond that, Marsha was typically entertaining, and I never thought the topic of cabbage water could be so entertaining. The night manager had left rather upset at what had been said, and while I'd agreed that he had it coming, I hope it wasn't taken too far. I left the bar in more sombre mood to play snooker, but was interrupted to do some favours in this computer room. I watched some Knightmare and then thought I would try and be calm and ascertain the problem with a view to getting it fixed. There appear to be two concurrent problems:

1. A problem with corrupted registry preventing XP from starting. It claims that the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM is corrupt/damaged; and wants to go through a 'Recovery Console' to fix it, where the Windows CD-ROM was required from home. However, on trying to either repair the damage or re-install Windows, there is an intercepting problem ~

2. A STOP (0x50) Message during the installation, whereby the dreaded blue-screen of death appears, as per a 'memory-dump', and launches PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. On it's own, this would imply a problem with allocation of memory perhaps, and this is where it gets more complicated. The problem could be caused by several hardware issues: Faulted RAM, CPU and/or Motherboard; 3rd party programs software/hardware or incompatible driver troubles. However, with it preventing the install, I'd hope it could be narrowed down to faulted RAM - but it would be a gamble to take.

I'd hoped that Microsoft could help me out, but that's a hope and a half. I'm using a registered copy of XP Professional, but aside from wanting the Product Key, they want the Product ID, which can only be attained, seemingly, from the system running, even though I selected the option saying that the problem was on another machine. It appears to be a combined problem of Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles 307545, 315335 and 171003, although hopefully the latter provides the conclusive information. I'm used to the system crashing; but this time, it has caused a little more damage. I hope this research will pay off; it would be a real victory to get that laptop up and running again.

Love in Semi-Despair.

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