March 18th, 2004


The Weather is a Shadow

Hello everyone. This is a bit of a random update, which is becoming regretfully rare, but 24 hrs at the term will be over, and there'll be momentary relief if nothing else. It's been a very stressful week, but there have been exciting moments along the way, and just wanted to quickly share a couple. I did expand on my last public post, concerning the performance of Don't Weep for Thursday, and that will date back to Sunday. I misallocated time this week, and am not impressed with myself. I hear the chorus: I do myself no favours. I spent a long time preparing my few minute presentation, less time reading the week's English, and then there was the inner tumult of essays: how I wanted to get both done, and so I started preparing for both, and at the same time panicking about how I'd manage to get two essays done this week. Then, eventually, I conceded I wasn't going to manage both, and while instantly feeling better at the prospect of doing getting through one, it's left me rather cut short, and I'd have rather been more settled on it. So, Latin essay it is: ~ How is the art of poetry represented in Virgil's Georgics and Propertius' Elegies?" Art, style, genre, mode, tone ~ that's my strength, and where they're difficult texts, I'm not doing too badly - 60% there. Felt rather inferior knowing someone in my Latin class had 21 books on his bibliography - for a 2000 word essay. How can one possibly assimilate information from so many books into so short an essay? I have read four; three cover to cover, and with my primary texts makes eight overall I think - that is doing reasonably well, and must stop comparing myself around everywhere. Apart from anything, I'm discussing the art of poetry, which can cover a lot on my personal views, and less critic-learned based such as the Didactic Methodology question.

I went to a BBC Work Experience Conference yesterday, and have learnt a good deal of useful information. My time with Tyne-Tees was wonderful, and I notice that the BBC also only offers very short placements up in Newcastle, but the opportunities down here in Bristol are huge, with a great BBC Headquarters just 20 mins walk away, so it could be that I'm down here over the summer again at some point. Still, away from journalism, there's a lot of prospects for fields such as New Media or Programme Making; so it seems that the multimedia world might carry more in store yet. This morning, I've been on a training course for the tutoring job, which was great fun. Only three applicant tutors; latte was appreciated; set tasks were fun; the other tutors were tops; and I get paid for it as well. All the problems I foresaw such as transport, accommodation and all will be fine, and I have to pop in tomorrow morning to tie up some forms before my double Latin lecture which shall end the term. The main reason for me posting is that today marks one year ago since I first saw Bristol (the corresponding open day this year was yesterday), and I remember the weather being particularly beautiful last year, and it was for the early part of this week, sadly not today to mark my little anniversary - but I'm just once again looking how far I've come since this stage last year - when even coming down to visit Bristol for two days on my own at the time seemed the most courageous thing I'd ever done.

Excluding the RPG, trying to focus on where University has gone down well, now, while everything's not perfect, I've secured a place in these fabulous halls, have some good friends here, had a lot more experience in acting and the dramatic arts, earned some good money, taken the initative to get involved in the Wider Participation and been successful, have good opportunities for work experience here, and am still in the running for the term-time Bar Manager's job next year. Work has been extremely hard of late, but know that the eye circumstances haven't made it easy, and I've done my best - so plenty to smile about, and think that on this anniversary, the only shadow this year around is the weather, my shadow of what I was last year compared to now, I've left behind. I trusted in what people wanted of me, which was to be positive over Lent at the minimum, and I think I'm managing that very well. If Jessops' very nice letter had arrived a month ago sadly telling me bad news on the RPG score, that it's against company policy to loan equipment, and that they couldn't help, I'd have cried over it. What would that have achieved? Instead, I grimace that the KM site is still down, and have noted that point in Plan B, which has already been put into place ~ I just hope there is a quicker response this time, although in fairness to Jessops, a personal letter sent from Leicester after I sent the request to Manchester: it justifies the time. Well, fingers crossed - someone will realise the skill and seriousness of what we're doing. Am just trying to think on the situation: smile on the world, it might just smile back.

Love, Peace & Harmony,
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