February 13th, 2004


Effort to Waste

Before I start this: this post is likely the Latin and it's effects on me causing irregularities within me. Thus I apologize in advance. Full of randomness and general work and stress induced upset.

Sam: You are a legend. If there's one thing that will get me over things, it's what you and the others do for me. Please note, bud, that something else has sparked this post beyond our talk tonight.

Ed: supper was fantastic; you are a total star for doing that. Good on you for thinking of us like that. Anything you want printing off, just let me know, I'll do it for you.

Effort to Waste: Story of the year so far. 'February Blues' [Backdated post, February 9th, if anyone's interested]. It's so easy to feel inferior. I have positive news, but that doesn't feel so good sometimes. I could mention, but then it's only there for someone to better and lower at the same time.

Somebody will have added an 's' on my wonderful Scrabble word, someone may have poached a tap-in from my goal-bound effort. I am, *of course*, experimenting with the future-perfect and the ellusive subjunctive; Latin does at least teach you the particulars of English Grammar. But if I could copyright or rubber seal something as mine, not for the purposes of recognition, but merely for authenticity and inability to have it taken from me, maybe appreciation would crawl back into my life on a copper plate.

I miss Malefact ~ It's been ages since we last talked. Let our paths cross soon, my friend! I miss Lydia; my absence online is telling [KaM waves if she's reading]. It's nearly a year ago since I last saw Caroline ~ I was developing words to a favourite song in the shower Tuesday night, but probably shouldn't try and dream any more of being musically able. I've missed Kay as well; I know I don't have ICQ any more, it was no excuse for me not mailing you. I miss Anna lots; your reply made me shed tears tonight. Miss Emii ~ so hope she's well; miss Matt, dear old Matt ~ he'd cheer me up for sure; miss Robin; miss Dave; miss Ben; Rachel.. Mr K and Frodoster .. all my online buds --> feel so distanced from everyone right now; I can only keep hoping that I'll find a way back. Will e-mail my lovely Latin tutor now, so he believes that something is wrong with me. 'Sir, put my life right for me again'. That can only be a rhetorical question or request. I knew I'd named my journal aptly. I might make a good Morgan.

Eyes are wet.
Must be tiredness.
Lots of love,

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