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It’s Friday night; reminiscent of early university times, but different in just about the right ways. It’s been quite a work intensive week, and I’m now home alone, doing a little steady work, with coffee and chocolate, and enjoying a terrific array of programmes on BBC4 about British synth-pop in the early 1980s [temporarily available]. In my head has always been potential energy: imagining clubbing nights and euphoric times, but possibility has always been more important than actuality. I’m bizarrely excited about the implications of this evening: lonely, but not too lonely; vulnerable, but not too vulnerable... there’s a careful balance to be reached between letting positives infiltrate my existence, and the right caution that nothing is taken for granted. My new academic axiom, I am ordered, is that ‘less is more’: from expertise to the voice, “Art indeed is long, but life is short.” Referentially, I shall say no more.

I am indebted to the lovely mayva for this, who helped me remember, amongst other things, that two inauspicious coins are two circles. Now, to find that same fulfilment in pen as John Donne, I strive to end where I begun.

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